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Heathen Tools

More than just another wrapper.

Heathen's Steamworks is the best Unity Steam and Godot Steam solution for projects big or small, professional or hobby.

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Bring your worlds to life and add PhysKit to your tool kit. With a robust collection of tools to help you deliver stable and efficient physics effects in your next project.

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Enhance your projects's User eXperience. Easy to use solutions for every-game.

In-game windows, tool tips, code free drag and drop, player feedback tools, advanced system logs, multi-scene manager and more!

More than enough samples, including lobby systems and profile picks etc.
Huge thumbs up for the discord support too!

Santtu Huhtala

Best option on the market for Unity + Steam

Very easy to use with minimal coding - even with the more advanced features of Steam. I recommend this for everyone!


Best way to integrate Steam in to your game

In 30 minutes, I downloaded and fully integrated the asset for achievements with no previous Steamworks knowledge.


Simple to use, fast to integrate, covers all your Steamworks needs

Title says it all. Also - amazing support.


*The* Steamworks asset

​Customer Reviews

Discover Great Games

Made with Heathen

Noobs Want to Live

Noobs Want to Live is a fast-paced roguelike featuring several characters and a large pool of skills to choose from (that synergize with one another, too!) Fight, kill, grow.

Zero Hour

Zero Hour is a tactical FPS with online team-based game play that takes place in a variety of fictional locations interpreted in Bangladesh with Real-life scale & resource management.


SYNTHETIK 2 is a bold continuation of SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising. Fight a world overrun by the relentless Machine Legion.

Sun Haven

Build your farm and relationships with townsfolk, or forge ahead on a quest of magic, monsters, and dragons. Level up through a skill tree in 8 person multiplayer, or adventure solo!

$15 tier includes all assets

50% off in the New Year Sale

More than "just another Steam wrapper"

Trusted by thousands of developers Heathen's Steamworks has been the go-to solution for Steam for over a decade. Featuring a mature and robust integration of every Steamworks feature, we go beyond just another API wrapper. Heathen's Steamworks is a complete solution full of proven tools that will greatly enhance your game and accelerate your project.​

Code-Free Tools

Component Scripts

Event Systems

Editor Extensions

Data Layer

API Extensions


For the Engineer

Battle-tested, developer-proven APIs, Frameworks, structs, objects and interfaces. We simplify the use of Steam's most complex features, we handle the boiler plate to save you time and we provide you with a full toolbox of best-in-class tools and editor extensions empowering you to Do More!

For the Designer

Engine-specific components (Mono Behaviours, Blueprints, Prefabs, Widgets, etc.) enable you and your team to get up and running with Steam in no time. Our integration is deeply integrated with your engine's editor. Heathen's Steamworks provides you with powerful tools and components that enable you to Do More!

For the Noviest 

Code-free, drag-and-drop solutions for a wide selection of the most common needs. Ready to use prefabs and a rich selection of sample scenes, a robust knowledge base and a helpful community. If you're creating a game for Steam we have you covered like no other can.

Layered Design - Created with you in mind

Layers of abstraction simplify the large and often overwhelming prospect of Steam API.

  • At the surface, we give you a selection of easy-to-use code-free tools to handle all the most common needs.

  • If, when and where you need it, go deeper leveraging our powerful events, data layer and extensions to Do More.

Mix and match our code-free tools and extensions along with raw Steam API if you wish to suit your team, your project, your needs with no barriers!


The best way to do more with STEAMWORKS 

From code free prefabs, to easy to use component scripts, powerful structs and objects and robust, extensible APIs and frameworks. Our tools empower developers of every discipline and skill level to Do More!


* Heathen supports a community of game developers fostering collaboration and community support ... including for Steamworks.NET, Facepunch questions are welcome however its not commonly used by our community so will have more limited community support. We are not the authors of Steamworks.NET or Facepunch and thus not their "official" support paths, Join our Discord to learn more!

C# Wrapper

High and Low Level

High and Low Level

Low Level

High Level


Full Knowledge Base

Full Knowledge Base

Example Scripts

API Documents


Dedicated + Community

Dedicated + Community

GitHub Issues

Not Found


Scenes, Scripts & Guides

Scenes, Scripts & Guides


In Document Snippets



Big Picture

Groups / Clans

User / Friends

Steam Input



Matchmaking (Server & Lobby)



Remote Play

Remote Storage (Steam Cloud)


Stats & Achievements

UGC (Workshop)



Achievement UI Tools

Build Upload Tool (Unity)

Chat UI Tools

Group / Clan UI Tools

User Profile Tools

Leaderboard UI Tools

Lobby UI Tools

Debugging Tools



Group / Clan








User / Friend


PhysKit banner

$15 tier includes all assets

PhysKit in your Tool Kit

Extend the physics capability of your game with Heathen's PhysKit. Our APIs simplify complex physics solutions to simple single like calls. Built on layers our Physics Data enriches Unity's physics solutions with additional geometry and volume data enabling more efficient and simpler calculations for complex processes such as buoyancy, force effects and more. Handy component scripts can solve for common use cases with simple drag and drop configuration including ballistic trajectory, buoyancy, Verlet integration (physics bone / jiggle physics), spherical gravity and more.

Physics Effects




Physics API

Bring your worlds to life

PhysKit Complete is a collection of physics tools and APIs

Built on our physics maths library our Ballistics, Mesh, Buoyancy, Effects and Verlet tools give you stable, efficient and easy to use APIs for the most common needs. We have built on top of those same APIs to give you code-free drag and drop solutions to jump start your next project.

UX Complete banner

$15 tier includes all assets

For a better User Experience

Ready to use code-free solutions for all those game-common needs. UX Complete is a robust set of tools that covers all those common UX needs that just aren't part of the native Unity Editor but should be.

All systems can be used code-free or very near code free for most use cases and all tools include easy to use code interfaces to help you customize and extend without needing an extensive re-write.

  • In-game Windows, support drag, bring to front, dock, min|max

  • Cursors, supports animations and context switching

  • Tooltips, with open and close delay, supports nested tooltips

  • Drag n' Drop, highly configurable with a code free rule system to control what can go where

  • Commands, create text commands that raise Unity Events when detected e.g. "Game Console" like features

  • Advanced System Log, extends Unity Log with additional system information and can export in human friend text format or system friend JSON format

  • Screenshot, capture full screen or areas of the screen with easy an easy to use API

  • User Feedback, tools to help you capture user feedback and report it to common sources like Unity, Zendesk or Trello

Enhance your User eXperience

UX Complete is a collection of user experience tools

Covering all the common use cases with battle tested and robust solutions for in-game windows, animated points, context sensitive points, drag and drop with slot and item filtering, user feedback tools, on screen keyboards and so much more!

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