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Do More with Heathen

Battle Tested Products

Every Heathen product is born from practical need.

Heathen Engineering is the software engineering unit in Heathen Group and responsible for creating the technology and tools that enable us to deliver on our clients needs and create the worlds and experiences of our designers’ dreams.

When we create something, we feel might better the lives of our fellow indie developers we test it for abstraction. This means every tool, asset, and content pack we release started life as a practical internal tool rooted in real world use.

PhsyKit Complete

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Steamworks Complete

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UX Complete

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Our Complete assets deliver high value solutions with a broad impact on your project enabling you to Do More. Each is geared to a major need or challenge you may face in your project.

GitHub $10+ Supporters get source access, issue tracking for all of them … or you can buy them on Unity Asset Store if you prefer.

PhysKit: handles ballistics, buoyancy, physics effects like spherical gravity and even seemingly small scale topics like Verlet integration (commonly used for jiggle physics, flexible ropes, chains, etc.)


Steamworks: handles every aspect of your Steam integration from simple topics like stats and achievements, through matchmaking and networking and complex topics like inventory, MTX, Input and more.


UX: User eXperience is the single most applicable to any game with a set of tools every game could greatly benefit from. Providing robust and flexible plug and play tooling for drag-n-drop, tooltips, game windows, player feedback, player commands, multi-scene management and tons more.

Content to kickstart your project

Over the years we have built a few libraries of common content we often use either as is for common uses cases or as the foundation for bespoke content.


Heathen’s UI Kits are big collections of those common icons, images, and assets you need to get your project going with full source included and tooled for easy modification.


The same full source access, dedicated support and frequent updates that make our coded asset products so valuable applies to our content assets as well.

UI Kits

UI Kit Cover
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