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Peer Review Request

New user, what dis?

Please note: this is a new system and for the time being we are only accepting review requests from Patreon subscribers however anyone can review. This is to insure Heathen has the process down and fit for purpose before opening it up to a much large community. If your interested in becoming a Patreon look here: 

The Peer Review System is a social system where in developers can post requests for peer review and offer to review their fellows projects. Below you will find a list of studios / developers and their related projects. Each entry contains any NDA you must agree to as well as contact information for that developer. If you would like to participate simply select a project below, confirm your happy with any NDA they have posted and reach out them via the provided contact information to get access and further instructions.

How is this any different than simply asking on Discord?

  1. You can browse and don’t have to constantly spam “HALP need review”

  2. We provide a formatted structure for use-cases to be tested and for reports/feedback to be given … so less time diddling with how to communicate more time doing work

  3. If your listed here Heathen will (as capacity allows) review your work as well … we simply don’t have time to handle it bespoke but the formatting here helps speed it up enough we should be able to review a few games now and then

  4. Future services will swing off this … for example Heathen at current does some bespoke advertising across various networks … if we have actually played your game and you agree to let us share our opinion of what we have played then we can use that experience and the information provided here to help spread the word of your hard work … we will be formalizing this and expanding on it in the future to include Steam Curation, Made With Heathen articles, etc.


How do I sign up?

See the big white block above? Its an application form, click start and follow the instructions … that will give us the info we need and we will reach out to you to and get your request posted.


How do I review a work listed here?

You will see contact information including the discord handle of the author. Review the information provided including the NDA if they posted one and if your happy to help then reach out via Email or Discord each author will handle distributing CD keys and use-case documents.


How do I provide my feedback and opinions of what I tested?

Below you will find a feedback template to download, run through each use-case as provided by the requester/author and populate the template with your feedback and opinions then send that to the author via the contact details provided on each entry.


The email address is broken on all the entries! WTF Heathen.

We list email addresses replacing the @ with “-at-“ and we do not attach a mailto link to it … we do this to at least slow down annoying bots that love to scrape email addresses and spam you with offers you can’t refuse. A human like your self is smart enough to replace -at- with @ in your email tool of choice … some bots are to … but most are not. If you really are opposed to typing out the address copy and paste it then edit the -at- to be the @ character …

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