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Cloud Save

Steam Remote Storage


Reading over Valve's official documentation on its features is always a wise first step. Steam Cloud (Steamworks Documentation) Quote from Valve's documentation ...

Remote Storage API

You can use the Remote Storage API to access Steam's remote storage features.

It is important that you check and insure that the user has enabled cloud storage and that the user has sufficient storage space remaining when writing new files to the system.

Is the system enabled?

If the IsEnabled field is false it could be for one of two reasons.

Storage Space

To check the user's storage space

List Files

GetFiles returns a list of all files found on Steam and returns an array of RemoteStorageFile objects. The RemoteStorageFile object can be thought of similar to the .NET FileInfo object and contains data about the file that can be used to perform other actions. You can optionally return files that have a specific extension such as ".profile"

Read Files

The RemoteStorageFile object returned by the GetFiles methods can be used to read the data of files as a byte[], string or to cast the data to any serializable data type. Assuming a serializable data type MyDataType Assuming a file RemoteStorageFile named dataFile:

Write Files

You can write a file to the remote storage system using the following methods

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