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Sponsor Heathen on GitHub for 10 USD or more a month and get instant source code access to Steamworks Complete in addition to PhysKit and UX Compelte. 
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Empower your next project with Steamworks

Steamworks is a set of tools, systems and editor extensions designed to make your integration of Valve’s Steamworks APIs with your Unity project easier, faster, and more robust. Steamworks covers every feature of Valve’s Steamworks Client API and provides you with custom editor extensions, tools and systems so you can make the most of Steam for your game.

Editor Tools
Debugging Tools

What makes us Different?

What makes us different

How is this different from Steamworks.NET or Facepunch.Steamworks? Heathen’s Steamworks is not just a C# wrapper around the Steam APIs, and its actually built on Steamworks.NET. Steamworks.NET is a true to form conversion of Valve’s APIs to C# thus Valve's documentation, samples, etc. are applicable. The value this asset adds is in the tools, extensions, documentation, and battle tested systems all designed and built with Unity and Unity developers in mind as well as of course our own community of thousands of developers working on Heathen technology.

With Heathen’s editor integrations you can configure and connect your Steam artifacts like stats, achievements and leaderboards to existing behaviours and objects with little or in many cases no code at all. Heathen takes it further with the Steam Inspector which is an editor tool that helps you debug your integration and visualize the internal state of the Steam API at simulation time.

The asset also gives you the tools to visually design your Steam Inventory model and generate the Item Definition JSON needed by Valve. We are an extension of Steamworks.NET and the Steam APIs not a replacement so any existing Steam based code you have or find will work right alongside our tools and systems. Rather you are a seasoned veteran or new to Steam or Unity, Heathen’s Steamworks can empower you to do more, faster with a grater assurance of stability and quality.

Learn More!

Checkout our knowledge base and explore everything our tools have to offer. If you have question join our Discord and as our developers or our community of a 1000+ Unity developers.


Want to test drive before you buy?

Install Steamwork Foundaiton for free, a lite version which covers the basic use of Steam API.

Feature Comparison!

Feature Comparison

Heathen's Steamworks







C# API Wrapper

High and Low Level

High and Low Level

⚠️Low Level only

⚠️High Level only


⚠️Few examples

⚠️API documentation


Dedicated + Community

Dedicated + Community

⚠️Community only

⚠️Community only

Samples / Demos

Unity Examples + Scripts

Unity Examples + Scripts

⚠️Test scripts

⚠️Code Snipits

Unity Tools



Lots More


* C# API Wrappers can either be true to the source Steam API from Valve aka "Low Level" such as with Steamworks.NET or can deveate from that style in the name of ease of use such as with Facepunch.Steamworks aka "High Level". Heathen's Steamwroks being built on Steamworks.NET provides a low level C# wrapper and extends that with higher level APIs that simplify use. either or both can be used interchangably.

** Both Steamworks.NET and Facepunch.Steamworks have helpful communities and in the past their developers have offered bespoke support at an additional cost. Heathen provides constant live dedicated support and an active community

Steam Multiplayer Integrations


Heathen’s Steamworks is built on top of Steamworks.NET and as such most of your favourite networking HLAPI’s work with us right out of the box. Take advantage of Valve’s Steam Networking APIs where connections are made by SteamID not IP/Port and where you never have to worry about NAT, routing or the wilds of TCP/UDP again.




NetCode for GameObject


Fish Networking


Really any HLAPI or any other tool for that matter that is compatible with Steamworks.NET will simply work with Heathen’s Steamworks.


Testing and Debugging Tools

Debugging Tools

Heathen’s Steamworks include all sorts of tools and systems to make your life easier and more efficient, the Steam Inspector is one such tool.

The Inspector helps you visualize the state of your Steam App at run time.

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