Heathen Engineering’s Steamworks V2 is a set of tools, systems and editor extensions designed to make integration of Valve’s Steamworks with your Unity project easier, faster, and more robust. Steamworks V2 covers every feature of Valve’s Steamworks Client API and provides you with custom editor extensions, tools and systems so you can make the most of Steam for your game.

Heathen’s Steamworks V2 (or simply V2 for simplicity) is built on Steamworks.NET. Steamworks.NET is itself a .NET wrapper around Valve’s Steam Client API and is a true conversion keeping to the same form and use as defined by Valve’s API. The benefit to Steamworks.NET over options is that code snippets, examples, documentation and decades of work from the Steam developer community are directly applicable to Steamworks.NET because it is a 1 to 1 conversion.

The benefit of Steamworks.NET as outlined above is also the main pain point for people integrating Steam’s Client API with their Unity game. The source Steam Client API is written in C/C++ using a style of naming and design principles foreign to most Unity developers. Facepunch with its C# focus is slightly simpler however as noted it deviates from Valve’s approach and is not a Unity Editor extension rather it’s an open-source C# wrapper. Since it deviates from Valve’s approach existing code samples and the Steamworks Developer network is of limited use.

Heathen Engineering’s approach with its Steamworks assets has been to take the strength of Steamworks.NET and the parody it has with Valve’s original APIs and extend that with Unity centric tools, editor extensions and more to make Steamworks.NET + Heathen the best possible option for Unity developers looking to integrate with Steam. You retain the strength of leveraging raw Steam API when and where you may wish while having the benefit of not just C# focused but Unity focused tools and extensions as well as systems battle tested across many games from many Unity developers.

Rather your new to Steam, Unity or game development in general or a seasoned veteran well capable with the Steam APIs, Heathen’s V2 can greatly accelerate your project and help you produce a more robust product that better leverages the services offered by Valve. Heathen’s asset does not prevent you from using raw API calls in conjunction with its own extensions and tools. Many features of Steam API can be handled within V2 with little or no coding at all … in the same respect everything is built with consideration to expansion and modification by the developer as needed. Modular, extensible, and supported by a large community of fellow developers. Heathen’s Steamworks V2 is the best solution for Unity developers looking to ship on the Steam platform.



- Free package

- Steamworks.NET covers the full API

- Stats system

- Achievements system

- Friends tooling

- User Data tooling

- Steam Networking
  transports for Mirror and MLAPI

Player Services

- Lite package Foundation + common favs

- Authentication tool

- Steam Clans / Steam Groups

- Downloadable Content (DLC)

- Leaderboard system

- Remote Storage system

  includes DataModel tooling


- The complete solution: Player Serivice +

- Steam Game Server tools

- Steam Inventory tools and systems

- Matchmaking / Lobby tools and systems

- UGC aka Workshop tools

- Steam Voice tool

- Steam Inspector developer tool