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Do More with Steamworks

Our tools enable you to Do More! 

From code free prefabs, easy to use component scripts, powerful structs and objects and robust and extensible APIs and frameworks. Our tools empower developers of every discipline and skill level to Do More!

See some of the amazing games our community has created !

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More than "just another wrapper"

How is this different from Steamworks.NET or Facepunch.Steamworks?

Steamworks.NET and Facepunch are simply C# wrappers around the native C/C++ Steam API.

Our Steamworks Complete has an API wrapper of course but its so much more!

For the Engineer

Battle tested proven APIs, Frameworks, strucs, objects and interfaces. We simplify the complexity of Steam's most complex systems, we handle the boiler plate to save you time and we provide you with a full toolbox of best in class structs, interfaces and class objects empowering you to Do More!

For the Designer

Component scripts (Mono Behaviours), Scriptable Objects, Unity Events, Managers, Editor Tools. Out integration is deeply integrated with the engine and provides you with powerful scripts and components you can quickly and efficiently get to work with right in editor.

For the Hobbiest

Code free, drag and drop solutions for a wide selection of the most common needs. Ready to use prefabs and rich selection of sample scenes, a robust knowledge base and a helpful community. If your creating a game for Steam we have you covered like no other can.


Learn more about all of our features in our Knowledge Base

Heathen's Steamworks






C# API Wrapper

High and Low Level

High and Low Level

⚠️Low Level only

⚠️High Level only


⚠️Few examples

⚠️API documentation


Dedicated + Community

Dedicated + Community

⚠️Community only

⚠️Community only

Samples / Demos

Unity Examples + Scripts

Unity Examples + Scripts

⚠️Test scripts

⚠️Code Snipits

Unity Tools






Lobby & Matchmaking

Remote Storage aka Cloud

Steam Input

Steam Inventory




Steam Game Server

Remote Play

Lots More


Every Steam API Feature

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